Tony's Denim is a small business that sells gap-proof women's jeans with and without an adjustable waistband to help fit those with a smaller waist. We wanted to create a product to help women feel comfortable about themselves in their clothing, and jeans were the first thing to come to mind. Jeans are not everyone's favorite thing to wear, but they are still a staple piece in everyone's closet. Even when we feel uncomfortable, we still wear jeans! My thoughts: I never fit into my jeans; there are always gaps, and every pair of jeans I wear is a different size; why can't I fix this problem the denim industry hasn't touched upon?

I was in my room thinking of an idea for a business, not just any idea, one that could be revolutionary. I started by thinking about everyday problems and if I could come up with a solution. Then, an idea came to mind, jeans. Jeans never fit me and many other people I talked to, and it was all the same thing, "my jeans always gap in the back, and it's so uncomfortable." So I took a problem of mine and many other women out there and turned it into a problem-solving business, Tony's Denim.

Who & What & Why: We are Tony's Denim, a women's denim business that creates many different types of denim products; first up are jeans. These jeans are not just like every other pair of jeans; these jeans have a purpose. Our mission was to make gap-proof jeans with and without an adjustable elastic waistband to help fit those with smaller waists, and that's exactly what we accomplished. Our first collection consists of four pairs of jeans: The Emma, The Chris, The Megan, and The Roy, all named after people who inspired me throughout the years. The first collection does not have an adjustable elastic waistband, but stay tuned for the presale! We've sold a small bunch because we are still getting started, but we have gotten feedback and reviews already, all positive reviews of how they fit! Creating jeans, specifically for my purpose, is more complicated than making loungewear or active wear; they have to fit just right, or no one would buy them. Imagine creating jeans that are so-called "gap-proof" but not, in fact, gap-proof; that wouldn't make any sense. We are building and creating every second, and when I say we, I mean me, Patti Oliva, because I am the only person running this business! I am the CEO, marketer, social media manager, accountant, designer, etc., mainly because I'm just starting off and also because I can't afford anyone to work with me!

Where & When: Tony’s Denim is based in Connecticut, from my closet, to be more specific. My closet is where I keep everything; inventory, cards, printer, etc. My closet is my office; if you go on tik tok you will see me there 24/7! My idea struck in September, and I got a small business mentor to help me figure out how to start. With that, lucky you, you are the first to know of our first in-person event: July 13-16, we will have our first-ever pop-up shop at the Greenwich Sidewalk Sale on Greenwich Avenue. I have never been thankful and excited, and maybe a little nervous! It was a significant investment, but I believe it will be worth it. So many people will walk by and want to know what we are about and maybe buy a pair; if not, they will still know who we are! We don’t have any dates for the upcoming launches but stay tuned on our social media @tonydenim.

How: How did we create these jeans? I will tell you the entire process, especially for those who want to create a business in the future. My first step was to get a mentor through the Small Business Association in my state, which every state offers in America. My mentor helped me define what I wanted to do with my business and how to start. I wanted to get going fast, so I took it into my own hands to reach out to manufacturers and find the right one because I wanted my business to launch the following spring! Next, I made sample drawings and sent them to a designer through Fiverr to get professional tech packs to send to the manufacturer! Fast forward to mid-March 2023: I did a professional photo shoot for my website with Ellerie Brust and a couple of friends. Fast forward again to May 15, the official launch! 

Mission/ Tagline: Tony's Denim creates gap-proof women's jeans with and without an adjustable elastic waistband for those with smaller waists. 

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