Tony's Denim's future is up in the air because we've only been launched for about a month and a half, but a girl can dream. I, Patti Starr Oliva, am the only one working in Tony's Denim. I am the: owner, founder, CEO, designer, accountant, marketer, content creator, social media manager, saleswoman, and anything else you can think of; I am a one-woman show planning my business's future. So let's see what I want vs. what can happen soon. 

Delusional Plan for Tony's Denim: 

We plan to expand Tony's Denim into a bigger and better business; what small business owner wouldn’t want that? I will sell all denim pieces like jeans, shorts, jackets, skirts, and other casual wear that you can style with denim. Big businesses keep expanding their businesses a little too much. They start with one aspect, for example, activewear, then expand to loungewear, which makes sense, and then expand more into sleepwear, casual wear, denim, like what? How did activewear turn into denim? Expanding a brand too much will take away the message and meaning behind it! 

My future will be expanding Tony's Denim and having another little brand within Tony’s Denim called: Tony's Casual, because everyone needs a nice shirt or jacket to match their denim! 

With my expansion in clothing, because I love designing, I would love to open a couple of storefronts one day; as that will likely be in my far future, in-person shopping is much better than online shopping! Online stores can make returns as easy as possible, but it's still a hassle. Going into a store and trying on clothes makes everything different, even if it's just one time to figure out your sizes! My dream location to start with first will be Boston, MA, only because that's where I will be living after college, and I love the city. Next is New York City because you can't pass that up, then probably my hometown in Connecticut, where my first pop-up will be, and then the major cities like Los Angeles, CA, and Miami, Florida! That's my dream! With that being said, that is an expensive and big commitment, so for now, we will stay online and have many pop-up shops!

Slower Plan for Tony's Denim: 

Now for a plan that will be happening in the near future! 

We are expanding from gap-proof jeans without an adjustable waistband to adjustable elastic waistbands! Our first jean collection did not have adjustable elastic waistbands, they just had the waistband cut to make them more gap-proof, but the new waistbands are in the making. With that, the rest of our future collections will only have adjustable elastic waistbands. In the works: straight-leg jeans with more washes and shorts! As a small business with limited money, it's hard to get everything I want and what everyone else wants, but the presale will be soon! 

Let's talk about requests! I have gotten so many requests, like shorts and different styles of jeans. I chose high rise straight-leg jeans because they're my favorite (I had to be that selfish :))! We've gotten requests for the medium rise and low rise, which I would love, and elastic jeans/ skinny jeans, which will take longer than the other requests. Tony's Denim is only working with 100% cotton now; why? We wanted to create long-lasting and durable jeans, which stretch denim is not. Also, our mission was to make gap-proof jeans, many types of skinny and stretch jeans are gap-proof already made; 100% cotton denim jeans are harder to find in that aspect! 


We love being delulu because that makes me work harder towards my goals! I am only a month into running my small business, and I already want to plan a storefront; crazy, I know, but the positivity in myself makes me work harder! Just know everything I said in this blog will happen because I am going to make it happen, so stay tuned for your new forever favorite pair of gap-proof jeans by Tony's Denim!

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