We knew this from the beginning that we needed to learn how to implement it. But how do you make it easy for people to try on your products when you only have an online store? Jeans are a need to try on a product because they will most likely not fit on the first try. Every store has the same sizing, but it fits differently; for example, I am a size 23-26, depending on the store I buy from, which is so crazy! My problem as a small business that just started two months ago with limited money is, how do I make this happen? My first thought was a pop-up shop, which would have been more successful if it wasn't in the hottest month of the year and  outdoors. At our first pop-up shop on Greenwich Avenue, all the people who tried on the jeans loved them and bought a pair; some took the risk and just bought them, but a lot of people turned them down because it was too hot to try on jeans, but they needed to try them on to get the right size! I got super discouraged at the pop-up shop because I didn't know how to make this work; another pop-up shop? But this time within another store? Maybe. I reached out to some stores, and I am still waiting for responses. No more ideas fell into place, until my friend gave me the best idea! 

My friend Claudia said, "why don't you do something like giving them a sample to try for size, and if it doesn't work, they can do a free return?" That was an amazing idea, but that would be too expensive for a first-timer. A few days later, I asked Chatgpt because he knows everything, lol. Would you look at that? Chatgpt gave me a bunch of ideas, and one of them was a sample product option, just like Claudia said; in other words, Try Before You Buy! I researched and realized I could make it happen much easier and cheaper than expected; now Tony's Denim has a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY OPTION! 

Let me explain:

When it comes to "try before you buy," you can try on a product before making a purchase. Try on clothes before you purchase an item can be crucial, especially when you are buying online, because the process of returning it, not getting your shipping money back, waiting for your money to return to your card, paying to ship it back, it's very annoying so they find another option that's not as complex or expensive. Now you get to order a pair of jeans without spending any money, and you can try on the jeans in the comfort of your home; you have seven days to test them out and make a decision if they are not your style or don't fit right, you can send them back for free! If you love them, after you try them on and decide, you will be charged- as easy as that. 

Let me know if you can explain the trial in depth. 

Step 1: Choose your product

  • Our try before you buy products are offered to all of our products.
  • Choose your desired style, size, and wash, then try them at home in just a few days!

Step 2: authorize your card now, pay later 

  • When you're ready to checkout, we’ll take your payment information and place a temporary “hold” on your card during the trial period (7 days) which may show up as “pending” or “processing” on your bank statement.

Step 3: try your product for 7 days 

  • Once your Tony's Denim package arrives, you'll have 7 days to try out your desired product. DO NOT REMOVE ANY TAGS until you're sure you want to keep them. Once the tags are removed (or items are worn/ stained), the product can no longer be returned.

Step 4 (if necessary): 

  • If you don’t love the product you ordered during this period (7 days), simply submit a free return through our site at RETURNS ACCOUNT.
  • Once your return is approved, we'll send you a prepaid, printable return label and have you ship back your product back to us. After we receive the return, we'll only charge your card for products you kept, or we will void the payment if you choose to return all of the products you ordered.

Now you can shop, try on a couple of sizes and styles and then pay, no more hassle!

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