Do you remember when we were kids, and there was an elastic waistband in our jeans? Why did that stop? The adjustable elastic waistband was there because kids grow fast, so parents didn't want to buy new jeans every month because their kids grew out of them. Well, kids are not the only ones that need fitted jeans, we women have been having this problem for a while, and somehow, no one has created an affordable option.  

The denim industry has a problem creating jeans that don’t fit women. Most jeans you buy at your favorite store create jeans for the average-sized person, but who is average? There are hourglass figures, pear shape, rectangle, and so on, and we are all not the same size, so some of us will never find the right pair of jeans. If you’re reading this, your jeans probably fit, with a gap in the back making it super uncomfortable, but you have to deal with it because there’s no other cheap option. Some people tailor their jeans, get them customized, DIY the waistband, and get unflattering ropes and belts, but I wish there were something else, jeans that fit perfectly from the start. 

My goal was to create gap-proof jeans with and without an adjustable elastic waistband to help fit those with a smaller waist! Our jeans are for you if you have a small waist with a bigger booty and thighs! Tony’s Denim sells both with and without an adjustable elastic waistband, so depending on your body type, you can choose which jean is right for you! The non-adjustable jeans are for those with a smaller waist than average with average-sized thighs and booty; if you have a bigger booty like our gym girlies, you will need to look into our adjustable jeans coming soon because you will be able to adjust the waistband to your liking (sign up for the waitlist to get first dibs)! 

The adjustable jeans will be a bit more expensive because we have added an adjustable elastic band giving you 7+ intervals on both sides of your waistband, allowing you to tighten or loosen the waistband of your jeans! But just so you know, the non-adjustable jeans are still gap proof; here’s what we did to make them that way: 


  • The waistband was cut by 1/4 inches to create a smaller waistband, making the waistband hug your waist with no gap in the back.
  • 1/4 is much larger than you think for clothing, making the waistband much smaller with the same sizing throughout the leg.


  • A built in adjustable elastic waistband embedded into the jeans enabling you to adjust your waistband to your waist.
  • Personalized waistband with 7+ intervals on each side to adjust the tightness of the waistband.

But wait, there is still one more problem, the cost! I’ve seen people try to solve this problem of making jeans gap-proof, but they charge you $200+. Are you kidding? I’m broke. Our second goal was to make more affordable jeans; with that, our jeans range from $70-80, which can be expensive for some, but you have to think about the quality of your jeans when spending money; our jeans are, on average of pricing for long-lasting jeans that solve your problem with gaping! 

Shop tonysdenim.com, to get your first pair of perfectly fitted jeans! 🤎

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